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We produce customized, organic mixes. We have absolutely no affiliation or contractual arrangements with any record labels, except our own. Nothing here at is pre-packaged like most of those other services out there.

DOUBLE DUTCHIN' | Oakland, CA, USA | Post-poned until further notice. I know, this sux... ]

Planet BBoy + Skateboarding + Rollerblading + Scooter Tricksters meets Double Dutch Jump Roping & Dutch DJs | More to come...

Confirmed Sponsors | CVC Cyclery, PSPrint, S1 Helmets, Sunshine Distribution (distributors of Razors Skates, Remz Skates)

Still 'distracted' by the obligatory and necessary day job, but I want to get this mutha back up and running one of these days. If you're a BAD-ASS'D developer and passionate about music w/the following skills, by all means, do shout at me:

  • LAMP (If Linux isn't your thang, UNIX in MacOS X is fine.)
  • Know how to reply to an email w/in 24 hrs--but if you're in the SF Bay Area, mo beta.
  • Understand what 'disruptive technology' means.
  • Tell me why you are passionate about music.

Some URLs of your handiwork would be slammin', too.

There's some organic freshness available on the ARTISTS page, so you can issue them a peep, lap and listen. And somebody's LORDY! We just added an ENGINEERS page. So have at it while we get this mutha back up and running...

NB: THIS DOMAIN IS NOT FOR SALE. If you lack the professional moxy, savvy and seasoning on how to initiate contact, I encourage you to revisit how to employ common courtesies about reaching out before making contact.

- Kimgerly {at} beatsforsale {dot} com

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