double dutchin' - a more snazzy look is on the way!

Coming Sat, 13 June 2015 to Town Park Skate Park, Oakland, CA, USA

Planet BBoy + Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Tricksters on Scooters meets Double Dutch Jump Roping & Dutch DJs @ Town Park Skate Park | More to come [CLICK ME!]...

I'll have a sound file library up soon, so prospective participants contestants can listen to tracks from the Dutch DJs from Utrecht and Groningen, The Netherlands that will be coming to Oakland for this event. For now, have a listen to Nautic Radio's Pablo Discobol's Episode 10.749: The White Album episode on his program The VooDoo Gospels. The backhalf, after 1:25 mark is mo-betta. Woody Pak's 'Planet BBoy' & St. Germain's 'So Flute' are pretty bad-ass'd, too!

LISTENING TIP | Hit play. Just leave the music in the background, don't actively listen. If you hear something that hooks you in, email me the timestamp so I can be sure PDiscobol gets me the track info for the playlist.- Kimgerly {at} beatsforsale {dot} com