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In the interim, do have a peep, lap and listen to the cats below...


..:: jap jap ::..

Out of Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, The Netherlands, Jap Jap caught Kimgerly's attention on a Nov. 2006 Nautic Radio's Licensed To Chill (R.I.P.) broadcast. High-tech art auteur Jap Jap's tracks glisten with an electronic language that's all his own that runs the jazz, IDM, chill-out, drum-n-bass, trip-hop genres gamut. This lad has a demonstrative musical maturity more seasoned, commercial artists are still striving to attain. He's created a shimmery synthesis of simplicity and electronic overdubs that supercedes other IDM/chill-out artists and demonstrated prowess on keyboards, sythesizers, vocals, guitar and drum kit.

Now That You're Here off his first release. Altho this is a rearrangement of his orginal (we almost got in trouble with Mew back in 2008), this got my attention during his broadcast on Nautic Radio's Licensed to Chill in Nov 2006.


..:: curtis bay aka mike dejong ::..

Here are some tracks (circa 1995-2005) from Mike DeJong AKA Curtis Bay, !? and the (UO) MikeD. Currently holed-up in Oakland, CA, USA. He's the illbient, MAD! scientist, old-school jazz alto saxophonist-magna-summa-cum-laude electronic hybrid musician (including keyboards, drum kit, guitars, samplers, and a whole lotta other stuff) that posse'd up with Kimgerly, back-in-the-day, and got this whole BFS joint launched. Inventor of DJ U, the first virtual DJ on the i-net. Whenever he comes off his break-core bent hidey-hole hiatus, we look forward to whatever he serves-up outta his jazz, acid jazz, hiphop, triphop, jungle, drum-n-bass, Go-Go, IDM, electro, mash-up, metro-denizen, illbient musical locker! Be sure to listen to .38 Joe—it's the reason this whole Music Publishing exercise even came into being...

.38 Joe off the 1998 Genuine Low release on SoundCloud
(S)election on the 2003 VA: Robots and Electronic Brains Compilation CD #11
It's 3 a.m. w/Azeem off the 2002 The Movement (remix) 12” EP (DEMO)
Me & My Baby w/Esau the Anti-EmCee off the 2002 The Movement (remix) 12” EP (DEMO)


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